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DAITO is the name of an imaginary universe: a fantasy and psychedelic world where young Tokuro, his friend Naru, and Rioko, the detective, live their adventures, fighting against the forces of corruption, represented by the mysterious Kabuki family and other super villains

DAITO blends elements of  superhero comics, 90s anime series, 80s action movies and pop culture to build a constantly expanding universe which will reach the readers/ expectators in several formats: manga, illustrated book, novels, theatre…

First novel of the series, The Shamrock´s leaf, is soon to be published.

                                                                                         First manga cover.

Psicodelia City, the main city in the story.

Tokuro, the ayibana.

Naru, the raixa, his best and irreverent friend.

Rioko, the Pin Up detective.

Shen Gon Pao, the evil kabuki banker.

Lipstick, the sexy and mysterious Shen´s assistant. 

Scarpatch, the chilinian gangster.

One of the special features of DAITO is its own ficticional ads. Here are some samples.

A theatre play called OTAKU based on some of DAITO´s characters, is in pre-production now.

These are some exclusive promotional concepts for the play.

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