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Art sheet for the tour of the play Sofia, about the Queen of Spain. Madrid’ production affiche was just a B/W photo of the actress, but the illustration approach was considered more appealing and commercial.

Art sheet for the play Yours, truly, actually in pre-production. The play deals with Jack The Ripper and connects him with London’s theatrical milieu of XIX century, so the idea of the bloody Grand Guignol seemed more than appropiate.

My character Burritoman was used for an inner educational campaign by a Media Platform in USA. They asked me to elaborate some special illustrations. This is just an example.

This commission’s singularity was the fact that it was due to present, at the same time, a sports event, the golf tournament, and a culinary one, a meeting around paella. Both motives come together in the central circle.

Alternate model for the golf/paella art sheet. It´s a more conceptual approach: the golfer plays on a yellow space, instead of the green. 

Art Sheet for the play España con honra, España sin rey. Several models were proposed, including one with a knife stabbed into the character’s face. The one with the image cut by the neck was the most effective, and the one finally chosen.

Art sheet for the play Verona. Several drawings of the central figure were proposed. It was finally decided to use this one, with the figure almost sketched, like a non finished drawing.

Sample of card deck commissioned as merchandising by Madrid’s Teatro Español. All figures are famous spanish theatre players and playwrights.